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Trust Your Home Team 

A gig hiring platform that captures the trust we have in our intimate, local networks to ask for referrals when it comes to home services.

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Technology that you can trust. 

Find contractors vetted by people you know and trust

We are harnessing the power of intimate referral networks to vet home services workers. 

Share your home team with your network

Are you the go-to person for referrals in your community? No need to waste anymore time constantly sharing contacts. Share your Sekurra profile instead.

Book in app and hire safely

Our easy booking feature provides protection for customers and professional landing pages for service workers.


Sekurra is on a mission to create trust on gig hiring platforms by importing it from real, in-person sources. Nowadays, reviews from strangers aren't cutting it. Referrals from people you know are the answer. 

How It Works

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See who people in your network are hiring for home service gigs.

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Check out service providers with in-depth profiles that display the information you actually care about.

Get Started

See if Sekurra is working in your area

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